The Benefits of Drinking Coffee for Health

Do you like to drink coffee every morning? If Yes, most likely you often hear from friends, family or read from the media that many of the negative effects of coffee that makes you afraid to drink coffee and thought to stop (read also: how to make French press coffee ).

But fear not, because in fact the myriad benefits of drinking coffee for health, not only to keep you awake, overcoming the drowsiness and fatigue.

Prevent disease
A study done by Harvard University shows that by consuming coffee 1-3 cups a day may reduce the risk of drastically affected by diabetes; even with drinking until 6 cups are increasingly reducing the risk. Coffee can also reduce to 80% the risk exposed to Parkinson's disease and colon cancer by 20%. While "the benefits of drinking coffee" for women also reduces the risk of breast cancer to 40%.

Improve the performance of the exercise when exercising
Drinking coffee will make the body produce endorphin which serves to make the body more energized, more durable and powerful in carrying out exercises in the gym. Coffee was also able to increase the metabolism of the body which is very helpful when you want to reduce weight.

Improving the health of the body
A cup of coffee that you drink containing more than a thousand anti oxidant substances that are important for the health of the body. This anti oxidant substances capable of lowering inflammation caused by arthritis, get rid of the cancer-causing toxins, neutralize free radicals yg has a negative effect adds to the weight of the body.

A study by the National Cancer Institute concluded that people who consume more coffee on a regular basis have a longer life expectancy than those who did not drink coffee at all. Although the main cause is not yet known but many scientists claim it is caused by an anti oxidant yg only found in coffee.

In addition the coffee can lower the habit mengemil food, improve the performance of your workout, and can replace smoking habit that indirectly increases the length of the age of a person's life.

Make become smarter (easy to concentrate)
Yes, coffee can also make you become smarter and concentrate because yg is caffeine substances most elements in coffee has a stimulant. Caffeine blocks adenosine effects that make the brain work uninterrupted, adding to the mood, improve thinking ability and better skill in solving problems.

Coffee is good for liver organ
The study shows that caffeine in coffee help regulate heart function yg can reduce the risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure, and the risk of alcoholic cirrhosis. The benefits of drinking coffee is not found in other caffeinated drinks and tea.

Reduce the pain of gout or joints
Pain gout can occur to anyone at any age and is also very painful. Drinking coffee is able to reduce pain and relieve disease. This is because the function of anti oxidants in useful coffee reduces the insulin in the body will lose lucrative levels high uric acid causes gout.